Tech Ops Studio

Yes, you CAN permanently resolve your operational problems. Otherwise how will you ever sustain the growth you want?

Phase 1: Identify

Delivering service with quality and consistency is the driver behind the sustainability of any technology firm. Our job is to understand your needs, find out where you’re at on the pathway to sustainability, and go boldly to that destination with you.

Most tech companies, especially MSPs (managed service providers) and consulting outfits, think their problem is not enough sales. Really, they have an operations problem.

More specifically, they have several operations problems. Most tech companies are making mistakes on everything from contracts to scheduling. How can sustainability be achieved with these obstacles in the way?

In the Identify phase, we fully assess your key existing processes and controls, operational tendencies, human power structures, and service delivery mechanisms, revealing disconnects you didn’t know existed, and sharpening your understanding of those you did.

Phase 2: Repair

Through a proven structure that combines live training with your staff, custom courseware, executive consultation, our team will identify and repair your organization’s shortcomings when it comes to:

  • Documentation and transparency
  • Scheduling
  • Standards
  • Communication and Talking Points
  • Discipline and empowerment
  • Avoidable costs

Phase 3: Sustain

Only by sustaining your newly adopted operations culture can you reap its greatest benefits: long-term, managed growth, employee retention, capitalization, and reputation.

Our structured techniques for sustainability include:

  • Continuing staff education
  • Intensive new employee onboarding
  • Ongoing empowerment and discipline consulting
  • Customer relationship quality management (including the rule of three-touch contact)