Tech Ops Studio

The Tech Ops Studio program is Wallingford’s three-phase operations management consulting program for technology businesses. Tech Ops Studio is designed to eliminate the sources of disconnects in your work processes to create sustainability in your operations… so you can grow your business consistently and steadily.

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Executive Coaching

The best coaches have the best coaches. This is true in every craft and networking & I.T. are no different. It’s hard to see the full view of what’s going on outside your office window. That’s where we come in. Award-winning, successful former tech CEOs, including our founder, hear your ideas and concerns, assess priorities, provide mentorship and accountability, and affirmatively support your better-informed decisions.

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HR Management Studio

Our HR Management Studio program brings consistent, sustainable employee on-boarding, promoter scoring and cultural analytics, we have the tools to cure your H.R. headaches for good. Drastically improve employee morale, eliminate redundant staff inquiries about things like time off policies, and execute your written procedural policies in a legally meaningful fashion.

Technology Recruiting

Most technology executives agree that recruiting is one of the toughest aspects of growing their companies. The sheer time it takes to review, screen, and interview candidates is enough to eat up all of your time, yet in-housing your recruitment effort puts you at a disadvantage. We can solve those problems for you, too.