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CIO Studio

Imagine having on-demand access to instant, vested expertise from experts at the things I.T. people often wish they were better at. Things like recruiting, HRIS, operational standards, technology staff retention… even employee empowerment strategy. The CIO Studio is our consulting approach to helping you revolutionize YOU so your team can revolutionize your I.T. organization.

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Here are the questions your clients are asking:

Why does I.T. support seem so disorganized?

Most Information Technology organizations are experts at helping others adopt technology, but terrible at adopting organization themselves. We can fix that.

Why do I.T. repairs seem to take so long?

Most mid-sized businesses are still paying for hourly helpdesk support that is costing them thousands, only to get an unfamiliar voice on the phone who just delays the inevitable repair. We fix that too.

Why isn’t my I.T. team proactive in recommending new strategies and solutions?

Did you know the average margin on I.T. managed service being sold to your business is 70-90%? That’s because most I.T. contracts are written to be low-maintenance cash-cows. Once the contract is signed, the I.T. provider’s effort to remain engaged evaporates. This is a problem we’ll fix as well.

Symmetry of Focus

Most technology management problems don’t stem from technology; they stem from the outmoded organizational management techniques that typically hang around with technology. By moving our focus to organizational vision, core values, enforceable operations, and team member accountability, we achieve Symmetry of Focus, the key to making your technology organization sustainably profitable and efficient.

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Wallingford Tech’s mission is to empower sustainable profit in your technology firm or organization.